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Ucoz Is the Best
So What to say about ucoz is it the best out their yes it is. i've been using ucoz since i was 16 i'm 23 now so 7 years with ucoz :) haha thats the name of the contest. Ucoz is the friendliest Website builder on the net, their friendly support is the best and its the most non expensive Website Builder Out their. Other Website Builders Wanna Charge you Out of the Wazoo to Build a Website or they give u a 30 Day trial Ucoz isnt like that. Now is their anything i would change about the Site ? Honestly their is i Would Change the Template Builder I would make it to where Users Can make their own for those who dont understand HTML or css i understand HTML Perfectly but the Css is quite frustrating And making My own banner is frustrating as well. yes i may of said ucoz is the best and yes it is the best not all sites have %100 Qaulity But ucoz Has it all even though their are some things i would change i still give this site %100 on the looks the outline and the Structure of this web builder 

Ucoz you are the only web builder i have used since i was 16 Much Love from The USA And All the Users On Your Website Builder <3
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